Durell Stone SH Div. 1968-1972

Ship's Barber Shop

..... Before I went on the Indy I had barbered 13 years I was a boatswain mate by trade. When I went aboard the Independence the XO found out I barbered in civilian life so he changed my rate to Ship Serviceman and put me in the officers’ barbershop. Sometimes I would switch back to the crew barbershop when I was needed. Sometimes I barbered in the first class and Chief’s shop. The officers’ shop was on the 03 level, I believe. I cut the XO’s hair, the captain’s hair and any other officers’ hair. Captain O’Rorke and the XO wanted their hair cut in their stateroom. I had to pack up my tools and take them there. They liked me to spend about an hour on them to make sure they got a good job.

..... I made three Med cruises on the Indy. Went to a lot of places of interest. Naples, Italy and Athens, Greece. I went on tours to Rome where I saw the Vatican and saw the Pope say mass. I still have pictures of him saying mass. The Bridge of Angles, in Rome, was built in 830 BC and they still use it today. I went to Sardinia too. We tried to get a tour to the Holy Land but it fell through. There weren’t enough people that wanted to go because of all the problems over there.

..... We would go to the USO and help people do odd jobs such as painting a few houses. There were people from the United States in Naples doing missionary work and the USO would help them do a little picking up and painting their house. In Athens we found a go-cart track and thought we would be big boys. Well two or three of us got hurt on the go-carts.

..... Out of the three Med cruses I went on I enjoyed them all. Two different years I was able to fly home for Christmas when we were in Athens. Barcelona and Rhoda, Spain had the bullfights, cockfights and rodeos that we enjoyed going to. I flew to Rhoda to meet the Indy. It must have been about a month before being flown to the ship in Athens, Greece. That was when the Israeli war broke out so we didn’t get on liberty too much. We went to Bravo Stations for about 67 days. Mail was short and everyone was getting figgy and wanted to get on liberty so they finally pulled into Rhodes, Greece. Rhodes, Greece and Barcelona, Spain were my favorite ports. Thessaloniki, Greece was up in the Aegean Sea. I liked that port too. When we went to Istanbul we were warned about the Turks. I didn’t care too much for that port.

..... Out of the three Med cruises I was in the Mediterranean area about one and a half years. I enjoyed being on the Indy but when I got out, I went back home and back to barbering, where I left off at, and have been barbering ever since.

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Special Thanks to John Koonce V-2 Div. 1961-1963 for collecting and formatting this page for our Reunion Site.

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