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USS Independence Reunion 2008
Plankowners - USS Independence CVA-62 Reunion Louisville, KY. October 15-19, 2008
Photo Provided By: Denis Bagley

Plank Owner's
U.S.S. Independence CVA-62


CVA62 * CV62

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Plank Owners Cruise Book
Plank Owners Cruise Book Cover

Provided by Leigh D. Allvord
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08 March 2014

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For their help in developing
these Ship's Co. Pages

Leigh D. Allvord
M Div. * 1958-1960
Richard E. Binder
S3 Div. * 1974-1975
Michael Craven
A Div. 1962-1965
Dave Foley
V0 Div. * 1980-1983
Earl D. Galloway
V1 Div. * 1960 - 1963
John L. Hedinger
RVAH-1 * 1964-1967
OZ Div. * 1970 - 1974
Harry B. Kidd
OP Div. 1969 - 1970
Pat Little
V2 Div. 1967 - 1971
OX Div. 1984 / 1985
Ron Phillips
CR Div. * 1977 - 1980
Stanley Richardson
RVAH-12 * 1971
Bill Sullens
V1 Div. * 1959 - 1963
Steve D. West
A Div. * 1976 - 1978

Cruise Books
These Cruise Books
have been donated to the
Independence Memorial Library
for use in developing this site

1959 Shake Down
Dave Foley
"Sparrow Hawk"
VO Division
1961 Med Cruise
Charles D. Arnold
OE Division
1965 WestPac Cruise
John L. Hedinger
1966 / 1967 Med Cruise
John L. Hedinger
1971 / 1972 Med Cruise
John Zieba
1974 / 1975 Med Cruise
Richard E. Binder
S-3 Division
1977 Med Cruise
Steve D. West
A Division

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To those who have sent
their names and additional
information, that I have
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This project has become
very large and though I
work on it almost every
day, it is impossible
for me to keep up.

I will continue to add the
names and information as
quickly as I can.

Thank You All
For Your Support
Walt Estes, HM2

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Dave Foley

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Plank Owner Certificate
Plank Owners Certificate Provided by Leigh D. Allvord

Plank Owner's
Members of the Original Crew

Any Plank Owner's of CVA-62 that would like
to be included on this Plank Owner's Page
send me your name, rate/rank, and division, and your there.

Plank Owner Plack

To All Sailors Wherever Ye May Be: And To All Salts,
Sea Lawyers, Swabs, Land Lubbers, Square-Knot Admirals,
Gun Deckers And All The Other Assorted Scavengers Of The
Seven Seas. Greetings: And Be It Known: By All Ye Earthly
Mortals And Others Who May Be Distinguished And Honored
By His Presence, That George W. Fetherman Was An Honored
Member Of The First And Most Illustrious Navy Crew Which
Distinguished Itself Forever When It Commssioned
The Great Ship U.S.S. Independence CVA-62
And, Therefore, For This Good And Sufficient Reason, He
Is Entitled By The Law Of The Sea To All The Rights And
Privilleges Of A Plank Owner. Be It Further Understood:
That He Is Entitled Also To A Clear, Free, Open And
Unencumbered Title To A Single Plank In The Deck Of
The Aforementioned Illustrious Ship. This Final Accurate
Selection Will Be Made In Order Of Seniority According to
The Treasured And Honorable Records Contained In Davy
Jones Log Book. Disobey These Orders Under
Extreme Penalty Of My Displeasure.

R.Y. McElroy Commanding

***** CO / XO *****
CAPT R. Y. McElroy - Commanding Officer
CDR D.W. Cooper - Executive Officer

WO Messerschmidt

X Division
Harold F. Bugbee, YN2
Richard Hoe, JO3
Regernald Jarrell, SN
James W. Johnson, SN

Chaplins Office
CDR T.J. Burke - Chaplain
Sheldon Clark SK3

***** MAA Force *****
Thomas :Tom" Reilly EMC

***** AIR DEPARTMENT *****
CDR G.E.Peddicord - AIR BOSS

V1 Division
LCDR Tilghman - V1 Division Officer
BOSN Andy Copper WO4
John F. Bacchetta, AN
Assigned to Primary Fly Control (Pri-Fly)
Bates AB1
Robert "Bob" Carlton AN
Worked between #1 & #2 cats as a plane handler
George W. Fetherman AN
Repair 8, Hot Suit Man
Charles Francese AN
R. G. Gore AN
Cat Spotter
George R. Gravlin AN
Blue shirt working aft flight deck.
Larry Guidice AN
Tom Jacobs AN
Yellow shirt-forward.
Mathew Jennings ABH1
Keith W. Kopenski AB3
Arnold Lauri AN
Blue Shirt
Mario Libranti AN
Lions ABC
Joe Mascaro AN
Montie L.Mills AN
Brian J. Mitchell AB3
Alfred E. Moon III AN
Ted Moon AN
Dan Redding AN
Repair 8, Hot Suit Man
Jerry Q. Ricketts AN
Don R. "Tex" Ritchie AN
Blue Shirt Aft
James C. Rodgers ABC

V2 Division
Bob J. Bushong, AB3
Arresting Gear
James E. Coomer, AN
Forward Port Catapult deck-edge operator
Howard Davis, AN
CPO (Bulldog) Hansen
Bob Grytten, AN
#4 Waist Catapult deck-edge operator
Ronald W. Hanson, AN
Forward Port Catapult Crew
Jack Houston AB1
William K. Jerrett , AN
Started as a hook runner, then arresting gear engines
Mel Levin, AN
Robert W. Petroski ABU3
Forward Port Catapult Console Operator
Chester "Lightnin'" Robinson, AN
Indy's first assistant mirror operator and division welder.
Norman R. Schlieper, ADR3
Aviation Machinest Mate
Donald F. Swanson, AB3
Robert E. Worthington, AN

V3 Division
Robert Bland AN
Carlous F. Draughn AN
Keith W. Kopenski AB3

V4 Division
Roger E. Butler AN
Gerald J Cottone ADAN
Robert Donatelli AB2
James P Donley ABF3
Walter Jack Grice ABGAN
Ken Hansen ABFAN
David J. Hartzler AN
Clyde R. John ADRAN (Little John)
James L. Kulaga AN
Dallas Lauvern Piper ABF3
Gene Rogers AB3
Dean Turner AN

V6 Division
Robert Bland AN
Dave Carroll AD3
Stephen E. Fitzgerald, AN
Arthur J. Greer PR3
Harold G. Johnson AEAN
Mario Libranti, AN

Division Unknown
Arthur Bourassa AN

See Operations Department - OR & OS

See Gunnery Department

CDR A.J. Koenig - Dental Officer

CDR M.A.Lilly - Engineering Officer
LCDR Donald F. Krysan
LTJG David Leroy Robertson
A & B Divisions
Ensign/ Lt(jg) Harold Krieger
R Division

A Divison
Glen Dale Houchins MM1
Frank Lauro MM3
Gary "Ski" Orlofsky MM2
Jack Schwab MM3
David Edward Wahl MM2
Robert D. Whittaker MMFN

B Divison
Bruce Aldrich BT2
Oil Shack
John P. Beecham BT2
Cuyler Charlton BT2
Oil Shack - #4 Main
John Gardner BT2
Richard Meade BT3
James E. Netherton BTFN
James Pfenning FN
Oil Shack
Richard Robb, BTC
In charge of number 4 machinery room/space

E Divison
Stephan Cragg IC2
William "Bill" Dorgan IC3
John E. Garland EM2
Sidney D. Glisson EM2
Daniel W. Hagemann EM3
Ronald G. Hardage EM2
Mike Heslin EMFN
Virtol O. Hilliker EM2
Norman R. Nilsen EM1
James H. Robinson EMC
John J. Salamone IC3
Larry "Buzz (aka) Doc" Thompson EM3
Blair Wentworth FN

M Divison
Leigh D. Allvord MM3
#4 Machinery Space
Ed Hewitt MMCS
Chief in Charge of #4 Main Machinery Space
George Hurley MMCS
Chief in Charge of #1 Main Machinery Space
James Edward Kendaall MM2
Harry LeBlanc MMC
Chief in Charge of #2 Main Machinery Space
Sidney V. Nelson MMCS
Chief in Charge of #3 Main Machinery Space
Woodrow Padgett FN

R Divison
Ens Harold Krieger
Robert Burditt DC3
John J. Jackson SF(M)3
Shipfitter Shop
Richard Russell McCall FN
Pipefitter Shop
William C. Mitchell Jr. SF(M)2
Shipfitter Shop
James C. Parker FN
Wonderland, CWO
Officer of the Watch

C.B. Barry, CDR - Gunnery Officer

Fox Divison
George H. Bracken FTA2
Harvey Jacobs FTM3
Leonard J. "Len" Lemens FTA3

G Divison
James Leverton SN
Douglas E. Mcquade AN
Eugene "Gene" Plath AO2

GM Divison
Conrad E. Behrle GF1
William "Bill" Tremont GF2
Peter Winne GF3

W Divison
LTJG Paul A. Alix
Leo Depasquale AOC
Joel Lowery GM3
Normand Provost GM3

PFC William F. Brode
Lcpl. Ed Green
Lcpl. George D. Hakos
Cpl. Hans Schafer
Lcpl. Richard L. Torrence

1st Division
Ltjg. Douglas A.S. Chalmers
1st. Division Officer
Ronald Atzert SN
Gerald Howard SN
Ernest H. Price BMSN
William Larry Srygley SN

3rd Division
John R. Hodgson SN

4th Division
Lt. Fred Schoenberger
August 1958 - June 1960
Div. Officer, Special Services Officer, EOD and Diving Officer
Stanley Boatwright SN

Boat Division
Dick Finnegan SN
John B. Folsom SN
David D. McKee FN
James A. Neill SN
James C. Parker FN

R.D. Nauman, CDR - Medical Officer
George OKeefe HM3
Herbert G. Pero HM3

H.J.H. Cooke, CDR - Navigation Officer

N Division
Fred Sarver QM2

G.J. Brown, CDR - Operations Officer
G.R. Gay, LCDR - Operations Department Office

Frank J. Sacco YN3 - OPS Office
William (Bill) Stewart YN3 - OPS Office

OA Division
Bruce Allard AG3
Norman Washburn AN

OE Division
Philip "Phil" Balcer ETN3
J.P.Collins ET2
James H. Dewaine SN
Paul T. Mayo ETRSN
Philip Miller ET3
Raymond D. Stapleton, Sr. ET3

OI Division
Vollmer , LT. - Division Officer
Walter L. Claycomb RD1
John Dugan RD3
Stanley G. Miller YN3
James M. Schrimp RD2
John Sharp RD2
Jack Stuart SA - RD2
Dwight Wallington - SN
Charles R. Wilcox - RD3
George W(io) Williams - RD3

OP Division
Frank Galante PH3
Robert J.Gropp AN
Layton G. Hey PHG3
Ronald H. Krug PH3
John L. Nelson YN3
Guy B. Pryor PH3
Joseph A. Taylor Jr. AN
Tom Wetzel PH3

OR/CR Division
LCDR Frank L. Johnstone
Division Officer
George Alteriso RM3
Bob Cone RM3
Douglas T. Corrao, RM2
Richsrd A. Lewallen, RM3
Robert W. Liles, Sr.
John Di Maggio, RM3
Robert Freeman, RM2
Robert "Bob" M. Kaltz, SN
Robert W. Liles CPO
Anthony D. Perrino RMSN
Riley E. "Randy" Ransdell RM3
Ssheldon Weinstein, RM2
James Woods, SN

OS/CS Division
Ltjg Stephen J. Barnett
Division Officer
David V. Shuff, SMSN

J.W. Cartee, CDR - Supply Officer

S-1 Divison
Peter Bauer SN
Gary Chamblee
Charlie Park SK3
Curtis Hayes Rogers SK3
Les Rushworth SK2

S-2 Divison
Larry R. Cearlock CS3
Robert Falco CS3
Robert C. Knight

S-3 Divison
Peter Bauer SN
Thomas Egan SH1
Paul H. Marshall SN
Kenneth Orduna SH3
David Weeks SN

S-4 Divison
Roger Chamberland DK2
Robert Williamson DK3

S-5 Divison
Nello Pitts SN

S-6 Divison
Anthony M. Pellegrini AKAN

Frank Cermak
Ronald Cohn
Robert L. Chicoine CPO
Earl H. Derr
John B. Ehler
Albert W. Gray
LTJG Neil M. Grant
Robert C. Knight
Mike Masiello DM2
Robert G. Sabin
Raymond D. Stapleton E5

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