Denis Bagley E Division 1974-1975

Walk Across The Flight Deck

..... On the Indy I took a lot of pictures, being a photographer, and did a lot of work in the catwalks, but Iím not supposed to be there because Iím a snipe. I got yelled at a lot and stuff like that so me and John Lambert wanted to get some air (John Lambert is a good running partner and a friend of mine) we were almost by the LSO platform. All the planes had been launched and the deck was clear so we wanted to walk towards the superstructure. So what we did is we started to get up out of the catwalk where we liked the breeze. Working in the belly of this beast we never got any fresh air unless we hang out at sponson eight where the garbage go over. But anyway, the deal was, these guys in the catwalk on the other side are yelling and screaming at us like, ďGet the heck out of here you !@#$%^&*Ē. You can figure out what they called us. Anyway what the problem was is they started stretching the arresting gear cables and that almost took my legs off and I realized, yes, they were right. We were jerks and you can name any name you want to call us. At that point John & I decided we werenít going to walk across because we did look to see of any planes were coming in to land and there was nothing going on. Actually the deck was clear. So, then we decided those guys were right. We made a quick b-line back to where we came from and went into the belly of the beast and Iíll never forget that was the most dangerous spot that Iíve ever done during my whole four-year term in the Navy.

..... My GQ station was SECONDARY CON, which was on the 01 level. My work station was the Sound Power Shop, which was all the way aft and of course I always heard the planes coming. If they were ever low I had a picture window with the nose of a plane in it.

..... When they sounded GQ I would run through the 01 level. If you remember while running to your GQ station you would run five steps, duck your head and jump through the little hurdle and run five more steps, duck your head and jump through the next hurdle. It sounded like this, dadadadada dada; dadadadada dada; dadadadada dada. You would go through that whole thing thatís looks like the mirror when you look at a mirror and you see these hatches constantly going.

..... John doesnít come to these reunions. When the ship was in Barcelona, Spain for two weeks John & I hung out for a week and went to Switzerland; France and Munich, Germany. We had a great time we went to Glockenspiel. I was never the drinking type of guy I liked the tours more.


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Special Thanks to John Koonce V-2 Div. 1961-1963 for collecting and formatting this page for our Reunion Site.

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