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I, (state your name), do solemnly swear to send a check or money order for $20

to the USS Independence Association in exchange for one year of membership.

Make sure to send your name, address, rate, rank,
and what years you served on the Indy.

After you become a member in the association, you will receive a newsletter with information about which hotel to book (at your expense but we all get a group rate since there are a lot of us), and how much money to send to cover food, drinks, and everything else (this is normally somewhere around $100 or so, and is worth every penny).

There are also optional tours that you can join in on with us.
The cost of these tours is always very reasonable and they are great tours.

Checks can be sent to:

USS Independence CV-62
c/o Denis Bagley, President
3039 N. Center St.
Hickory, NC 28601

You can direct any questions about membership to Denis at,
or call (828) 550-8799. We hope to see you at the reunion.
Bring your stories, and make sure you're thirsty.

"Our enemies have made the mistake that America's enemies always make. They saw liberty and thought they saw weakness, and now, they see defeat."

George W. Bush

Page updated 2/17/2021